Conventional Stage Lighting

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MPH Australia have an extensive range of conventional stage lighting available for hire in Melbourne and Australia wide.

Please contact us to obtain a tailored quote suited to your budget or for more information on any of our products.


ETC Source 4 Jnr Profile Zoom 25-50 deg 575w
ETC Source 4 Profile 19/26/36 deg 575w/750w
Selecon Acclaim Zoom Spot 18-34 deg 600w


Selecon High Performance Fresnel 1200w
Selecon Arena Fresnel 2000w


Par 16 'Birdie' 240v 50w 50w
Par 64 NSP/MFL/WFL (Chrome/Black) 1000w
Par 64 ACL (Chrome/Black) 250w
Kupo MulltiPAR HO (Chrome/Black) 575w
Showspot HO 575w MSR (Chrome/Black) MSR-575w


QI 1500w Flood 1500w
QI 300w Flood 300w
Molefay 2-way DWE650w
Molefay 2-way DMX controlled DWE650w
Molefay 4-way Blinder (2x2 or linear) DWE650w
Molefay 8-way DWE650w
Jarag-5/PAR30 -DMX controlled matrix E27 25x 75w
Showtec Sunstrip Active DMX GU10 10 x 75w
L&E Mini-Strip MR16 Batton 3x Circuit 30x 50w
L&E Mini-Strip MR16 Batton 2x Circuit 20x 50w

Film and TV

Redhead 800w with Barndoors + Stand 800w
2K Fresnel Studio Fresnel 2000w
ARRI Studio Fresnel 1000 Plus 1000w
ARRI Studio Fresnel 300 Plus 300w
ARRI Studio Fresnel 150 150w
Selcon Hui 1x Cell Cyc light 500w
Mole Richardson Baby Softlight 500w
Mole Richardson Baby "Zip" Softlight 2000w


Selecon Performer 5.5-9 degree MSR 1200w
Robert Juliat VICTOR 7-15.5 degree MSD 1800w
Robert Juliat ARAMIS 4.5-8 degree HMI 2500w