Rigging & Accessories

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Chain Motors

Chain Motor 2000kg (CM) 20m -4m/min
Chain Motor 1000kg (CM/Stagemaker) 20m -4m/min
Chain Motor 500kg (CM/Stagemaker) 20m- 4m/min
Chain Motor 250kg (CM/Stagemaker) 20m -4m/min
Chain Motor 1000kg (GIS) 20m -16m/min
Chain Motor 200kg (GIS) 20m -13m/min
Chain Hoist Controller (8-way)
Chain Hoist Controller Rack (40-way) c/w 200amp Powerlok Distro
Chain Hoist Controller (12-way c/w wireless controller)
Chain Block 1 Ton 15M Lift
Chain Block 1 Ton 9M Lift

Variable Speed Programmable Hoists

*Variable speed system requires MPH tech for set up
Stagemaker 500kg (BGV-D8+ Double Brake) 20m -1-16m/min
Stagemaker R8CPU-VS
Stagemaker CC48 -Computer Control Interface
Stagemaker motor cable 20-70m 16-pole weiland

Rigging Accessories

Spanset 2t Black 2m sling -synthetic
Gakflex 2t Black 1.8m sling -steel
Shackle 1.0 to 4.75t
Girder Clamp 1t
Ratchet Strap

Scaff Pipe

Scaff Pipe 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0m
Scaff Clamp 90deg/Swivel
Scaff Joiner Internal/external
Tee Dropper Bar 1.5m for lighting fixtures
Pipe base 50mm tube - base adaptor


Floor "H" Stand
3.3m Push-up Stand c/w Cross base
4.0m Film Stand -Chrome 3-stage
5.4m Winch-Up
6.5m VMU Winch-Up
5.0m Autopole
T-Bar 1.5m -suit push-up/film stand
T-Bar Scaff Tube 2.4M
Truss Adaptor Fork