Drapes & Fabric

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Please contact us to obtain a tailored quote suited to your budget or for more information on any of our products.


Black Velvetine 3.3m x 11m
Black Velvetine 3.3m x 9.0m
Black Velvetine 3.3m x 6.0m
Black Velvetine 3.3m x 3.0m
Royal Blue Velvetine 3.3m x 6m
Burgundy Velvetine 8.0m x 11.0m
Burgundy Velvetine 3.3m x 7.0m
White Velveteen Drape 3.3m x 7.0M

Filled Cloth

White Cyc 8 x 6m
White Cyc 12 x 8m
White Cyc 20 x 9m
Black Filled Cloth 5.5M x 3.5M


White Scrim 8 x 6m
White Scrim 12 x 8m
White Truss Circle Scrim (various diameters)
Black Scrim 8 x 6m
Black Scrim 12 x 8m
Black Truss Circle Scrim (various diameters)
(many other sizes avaialable on request)