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MPH Australia's range of lighting effect products are available for hire for any event, large or small, in Melbourne or Australia wide.

PleaseĀ contact us to obtain a tailored quote suited to your budget or for more information on any of our products.


Styde Spot 60w LED 60w White LED
Sky Rose 2500 -Outdoor Multi-beam Searchlight HMI 2500w
Acme Scenic Rotator 50kg -DMX controlled
Mini Strobe 6w
Martin Atomic 3000 DMX Strobe 3000w
Martin Atomic Color -Gel scroller
Disco Effect LED Matrix (or similar)- audio triggered LED
Disco Effect Stormbird (or similar) - audio triggered 50w
Beacon -Red/Amber/Blue/Green 55w
UV Flood 400w
UV Batton Tube 40w
Festoon 10x lamps 10m 40w
Mirror Ball (300/400mm)
Mirror Ball 500mm
Mirror Ball 600mm
Mirror Ball 750mm
Mirror Ball 1000mm
Mirrorball Motor


Single Dimmer 2400w
Jands 4-Pak
TA Dimmer Rack 12CH DMX c/w 12x10A
Jands HP6- DMX Dimmer 6x 20A

Haze and Smoke

MDG ATMe Hazer
Robe Fog 1500 Smoke Machine
Robe FAZE 800FT Pro
Robe Haze 400 Ft
ReelFX DF 50 Hazer
Look Solutions Unique Hazer
High End Systems F-100 Smoke Machine
Jem K1 Hazer
Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass Smoke Machine
Antari Ice Fogger Low Smoke Machine
Jem AF-1 fan -DMX controlled

Power Distribution

MLR Distribution Rack (12x 16A +ELCB) 32amp
MLR Distribution Rack (6x 20A +ELCB) 32amp
MLR 200A Distribution Rack (6x 32amp Wilco, 3x 20amp single)
MLR Touring Rack 48-Way Distro/Dimmer Combo 48x 13amp c/w patching
LSC ePro 24x 13amp

Talkback Systems

Jands Ezicom Master 4-way
Jands Ezicom Beltpack c/w headset


MagicFX Power Drop