MPH offer mirror ball hire in Melbourne and Australia wide. We stock a big range and big numbers with sizes ranging from 100mm - 2300mm (the largest mirror ball you'll find in the country!).

Check out our hire department to view the range or contact us for further information or to obtain a quote for mirror ball hire.


The MPH LED Balls system is based on a traditional 'festoon' system of lighting, it can be used as a stunning and cost effective visual installation, ideal for corporate events, festivals and outdoor or indoor ambient lighting.

The system comes in strings of twelve balls with each ball 300mm in diameter, they require minimal power consumption (0.9 amps for 12 balls) and are rated for outdoor use. MPH can install and operate the system if it is required or the system can be easily operated by your own Lighting Technician.

If you're looking to hire LED festoon with a difference, MPH Australia have got you covered!

Please view the gallery to see the MPH LED Balls system in use or contact us for further information or to obtain a quote for LED festoon hire.

The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available. All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size.

The grandMA2 light is the perfect tool to control all kinds of lighting genres like conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, video and media and supplies an intuitive and fast control of all connected fixtures and channels. The grandMA2 light can handle an almost infinite number of presets, cues, pages, sequences and effects. It is ideally suited as a backup device for the grandMA2 full-size. Moreover grandMA ‘series 1’-showfiles can be converted to be used with the grandMA2.

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In simple terms Soft-LED drapes are a black theatrical drape fitted with a 'grid' of small LED fixtures that can be used to display graphics and/or video content. The drapes also contain a complex system of fibre optics allowing it to be used as star cloth to create a stunning backdrop for an event or show.

As the first Australian company to have Soft-LED on our inventory, we have the most up-to-date and thorough knowledge on how to get the most out of this exciting visual display.

You can find more information on Soft-LED in our brochure and within the gallery or please contact us for pricing or for more information.

Sharpy Wash 330

Sharpy Wash 330 is an extraordinarily compact, lightweight 330 W washlight, with the luminous efficiency, graphic and optical performance of a 1000W fixture. It is extremely silent and quick, and fitted with a complete CMY color system, special colors, 6.5°-48° zoom, mechanical dimmer, beam shaping filter and motorized top-hat. It is an eco-friendly light, allowing considerable running and consumption cost savings. New 330W Lamp (8,000 K 1,500 h) Equalling the light output of a 1,000 Watt luminaire Small, lightweight and easily transported: only 18.5 Kg (40.8 lbs) Adjustable beam angle from 6.5° to 48° Motorised Top Hat (Clay Paky patented) CMY Color System + 11-color wheel + open Rotating beam shaper High speed movements and effects Frosted, smooth mechanical dimmer High speed Stop/Strobo effect Soft-edge Filter + heavy frost filter New, high-performance electronics Patented Italian design Eco-friendly: replaces far larger and more expensive washlights Electronic ballast fitted as standard.

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Hog 4 and Road Hog 4 Lighting Consoles now hiring!

In yet another Australian first for MPH, we're proud to announce that we have just added to our inventory High End Systems' newest lighting consoles, the Hog 4 Lighting Console and the Road Hog 4 Lighting Console.

The Hog 4 is the flagship in High End's newest range of consoles. Replacing the much loved Wholehog III, it embraces the latest technology, while retaining the Hog's familiar control surface. Users can walk up to the Hog 4 and start programming without having to learn a whole new interface. The new encoders, jog shuttle wheel, lcd keys, motorized faders and integrated keyboard all serve to enhance this experience, making the Hog 4 completely customisable. You can now have virtually all the most important attributes to hand at any time. The unit features an unlimited number of crossfades, two built-in 17 inch colour touch-pad screens, three external monitors, ten motorised faders, one motorised Grand Master and the biggest update to the High End console, eight built-in DMX 512 universes.

The Road Hog 4 has a single built-in 22 inch touch-pad colour display, unlimited number of crossfades, external monitor connection, 4 encoders, twelve user keys, ten playback faders, four fixed DMX512 universes and up to eight universes of DMX 512 over ArtNew or sACN, Hog-Net Ethernet, Fixture-Net Ethernet, wired and wireless connectivity, five USB ports and on and on and on... The Road Hog 4 is unparalleled in the industry allowing full expansion in a compact 17.5kg package; making it ideal when you require a console that travels easily.

For tech specs visit High End Systems' website or feel free to give Matt and call to wax intellectual about this awesome new console and all it's features.

We suggest ringing in quickly with any hires as inquiries are running hot!

Thanks go out to Alex Mair from Lexair Entertainment, the Australian distributor for High End Systems. A pleasure as always mate.

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