I know we said our MAGICBLADES were flashy but let's be honest, this is probably the flashiest light we have in our inventory. Say hello to the Philips SL-Nitro 510C, that's a clever acronym for strobe light there and we sure do love an acronym at MPH.

The SL NITRO 510C is a cutting-edge RGB & W LED based strobe luminaire that provides intense bursts of coloured and white light and dynamic effects. The tightly packed array of 264 high power fixedwhite LEDs and 264 RGB LEDs ensures maximum output for bothtraditional white effects and an almost infinite choice of colour withfull field and even distribution across a wide flood beam. Six unique zones of control allow ultimate flexibility while spectaular built in chases can be simply selected without compromising creativity.

With over 60,000 lumens of output, the SL NITRO 510C rivals conventional strobes and retains dynamic looks whether washing a stage or pointing directly at an audience.

Oh and because we're such a super-pro lighting hire establishment, we should mention that we have Australia's largest quantity of these. You know what to do...

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